Stewie – The New Wave

Now that the summer “break” is over, I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve been working on.

While we are preparing for a hectic move, I have also been working out some new techniques. This is primarily to expedite the fan art I’ve put so much time into in the past, and to expedite my process altogether. In this gallery you will see two NEW Stewies (I know, I said I wouldn’t do anymore…blah blah blah), which are a part of a new series, “Stewie as Disney Princesses.” This idea came about upon request (cause I’m not the ONLY sick one out there), and have proven to be fun, and a big draw at comic cons.

Of course, there are two others here. These are part of another series I plan on busting out based on TV icons.

All originals are for sale. Feel free to drop me a message if interested.

More NON-Stewie related stuff to come. But for now, enjoy…


Axtellustration is Jason E. Axtell, an educator and graphic illustrator from Virginia. His work combines sequential art, illustration, graphic design, and painting. Jason’s credits include the comic adaptation of the Family Guy cartoon series by Devil’s Due Publishing, and Colorist for various comics and graphic novels including “Mr. Big,” “Wild Ocean,” and "Colonial Comics." He self-published “The Strange Fungus In Mr. Winslow,” as well as “Strays ‘N Gates,” a collection of the serialized comic strip originally published by Savannah Morning News. Jason continues to instruct courses in Art Foundations, Graphic design, and Media Arts & Animation.

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