Fall Update: New Drawings, New Books!

I’m admittedly not good at keeping this site updated. That being said, I’ve been VERY busy these last few months. It appears my last post was around Boston Comic Con in early August. Since then I have done the following: VA Comicon’s 1-day show, Baltimore, WizardWorld Richmond, New York Comic Con, Tidewater Comic Con, and Annapolis Comic Con. Next weekend is Rhode Island Comic Con, and then in late November there will be the VA Comicon massive 2-day show! So, yeah. Busy.

That being said, I’ve had some terrific experiences. My work is getting out there. A certain Nikolai Loveikis bought several pieces of original work at Baltimore this year, new and old, including several panels from Magic Bullet #9’s ‘Astray.’

And while I’ve been sticking with my full time position at AI, I’ve received a few freelance projects. Everything from logo designs, to illustrations, to flats for Mr. Rafer Roberts. What? You don’t know this guy? Shame on you. He’s got a mighty great view on life. Don’t believe me? Check out his Nightmare the Rat comics: http://nightmaretherat.plasticfarm.com/

What’s more? Colonial Comics! The great Jason Rodriguez hired me on to color two stories from the highly anticipated Colonial Comics – New England, 1620-1750. Order copies here, or send me an email to have a copy signed and shipped! I’ll also have copies at every convention I attend, in case you attend. http://www.fulcrum-books.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=6212

Look for the second volume of Colonial Comics by Spring of next year, which will include a story fully illustrated by myself. I’m looking forward to it!

And what would be a post without some nudes, eh? In fact, here’s a huge upload of various drawings with various models from throughout the year, all of which have yet to see the light of the internet. I do plan on uploading many of these to Deviant Art and Fine Art America as well. Stay tuned.

In case it’s not obvious, most of my art IS for sale. If you see something you like, where you must own it, please let me know. Otherwise, feel free to leave your comments or feedback.


Axtellustration is Jason E. Axtell, an educator and graphic illustrator from Virginia. His work combines sequential art, illustration, graphic design, and painting. Jason’s credits include the comic adaptation of the Family Guy cartoon series by Devil’s Due Publishing, and Colorist for various comics and graphic novels including “Mr. Big,” “Wild Ocean,” and "Colonial Comics." He self-published “The Strange Fungus In Mr. Winslow,” as well as “Strays ‘N Gates,” a collection of the serialized comic strip originally published by Savannah Morning News. Jason continues to instruct courses in Art Foundations, Graphic design, and Media Arts & Animation.

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