Daenerys and Her Dragons

Here is my new piece featuring the enthralling Daenerys and her dragons from Game of Thrones.
This new illustration has been submitted to the Game of Thrones contest via Tumblr.
Prints available at this weekend’s Awesome DC Con, and C2E2 next weekend!

Daenerys and Her Dragons

Daenerys and Her Dragons


Axtellustration is Jason E. Axtell, an educator and graphic illustrator from Virginia. His work combines sequential art, illustration, graphic design, and painting. Jason’s credits include the comic adaptation of the Family Guy cartoon series by Devil’s Due Publishing, and Colorist for various comics and graphic novels including “Mr. Big,” “Wild Ocean,” and "Colonial Comics." He self-published “The Strange Fungus In Mr. Winslow,” as well as “Strays ‘N Gates,” a collection of the serialized comic strip originally published by Savannah Morning News. Jason continues to instruct courses in Art Foundations, Graphic design, and Media Arts & Animation.


  1. Exquisite!!!

  2. HEY CUZ!!! That’s is gorgeous!! I love it! Thanks for sending it to me, you should send me your stuff more often! My husband is a great artist, he will love this!

    Love, Christi

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