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Perhaps one day Unky will return, but for now, let’s just say that he’s up in the stars…

Unky the Duck Flies Into the Sunset, January 9, 2017



I heard that it’s dangerous to shoot guns into the air as a way of celebrating. Too bad Unky hasn’t heard this…

Unky the Duck in Take A Bow, January 2, 2017



It appears that Unky was able to enjoy the Christmas holiday with friends and family, too! Well, someone’s family, at least…

Unky the Duck was in A Christmas Story, December 26, 2016



Unky’s began his Christmas vacation! And it doesn’t seem like anything to him…

Unky the Duck Visits Westworld, December 19, 2016



Unky found the perfect gift for his lovely lady duck, Funky. I’m sure she’ll love it!

Unky the Duck in The Gift of Giving, December 12, 2016



Christmas is upon us! And so is Unky’s need to shop for his lovely lady duck. Surely the Christmas season will yield good tides for our doomed duck?

Unky the Duck Goes Christmas Shopping, December 5, 2016



Looks like Unky’s going to stick around in the good ol’ U.S. of A after all! Let’s celebrate with a hearty feast!

Unky the Duck in Thanksgiving Feast, November 28, 2016



Mexico got their wall up in a big hurry. Must be trying to keep someone out of their country, eh? So Unky’s trying Canada instead! Surely they haven’t built a wall, right?

Unky the Duck in Let's Try Canada! November 21, 2016


Unky’s decided to get out while the getting was good. Or was it?

Unky the Duck Gets Out of Dodge, November 14, 2016



Unky’s made some poor life choices. Don’t make one tomorrow…

Unky the Duck in Tomorrow, Don't Be Unky, November 7, 2016



And then those emails became a thing again…

Unky the Duck in And Then the Emails Became A Thing Again, October 31, 2016



Soooooo…how about that third debate, huh?

Unky the Duck in How About That Third Debate, Huh?, October 24, 2016



Unky the Duck spent the weekend trying to reason with a Trump supporter. It didn’t end well…

Unky the Duck Tries to Reason with a Trump Supporter, October 17, 2016



Well, this is a little old now. That’s what I get for completing this early! Regardless, Unky isn’t handling this election very well. Is anyone?

Unky the Duck Watched the VP Debate, October 10, 2016


Once again I have fallen behind on other very important projects. As a result, Unky shall fair poorly in single panels for the next few weeks.


Unky the Duck Had Better Things to Do, October 3, 2016


Last week’s stint at the comic con led to some very unfortunate cosplay-related circumstances.
Perhaps the local Renaissance Fair will prove…more fair?

Unky the Duck Goes to the Ren Fair!



In his continued search for light-hearted fun and games, Unky spent the weekend at a comic con with his girlfriend!

Unky the Duck Goes to the Comic Con


When your whole life is devoted to dying, as Unky’s is, you might as well learn to enjoy life and rock out!

Unky the Duck: The Classic Rock Edition



Unky needed a little escapism. Surely there’s no danger in the magic of cinema!

Unky the Duck Enjoys the Cinema



Unky returned from the “upside down” to spend the weekend at the beach. Surely things will return to normal once he goes for a dip!

Unky the Duck Goes to the Beach!



Ok, so, let’s try NO animals whatsoever! Surely, he’ll discover solace without accidentally opening a door to another dimension!

Unky the Duck Experiences Nature



Unky’s had enough of the cute and furry animals, at least the ones NOT on the opposing side of protective glass.

Unky the Duck Goes to the Zoo



It seems that Unky has a hard time discerning between the many different types of felines.
So this week he’s trying his hand at dogs instead!

Unky the Duck Chihuahuas Only Look Cute



Politics have weighed heavily on all of us recently.
Surely a cute fluffy ball of needles and fur will lighten the mood, even for the most imperiled duck in the universe!

Unky the Duck Gets a Kitten!



After this series of unfortunate of events, it’s a wonder that Unky has yet to truly snap!

Unky the Duck Attends the RNC



Even in the big city our favorite duck can’t escape such ceaseless horrors. What about the beach?

Unky the Duck Enjoys the Summer



Unky just can’t seem to catch a break. More like explosions and aliens. A nice walk oughta do the trick!

Unky the Duck Sees the Big City



Just because Unky’s missing a chunk of his brain doesn’t mean he can’t play with fireworks like the rest of America!

Unky the Duck Celebrates Our Independence



Unky Returns from the Dead!!!
Unky Returns from the Dead!



Unky LIVES!!!




While my commission continues, let’s check in on our perpetually doomed
duck to see how he’s doing after that lightning strike…

Unky's Eulogy



The next few weeks will see my time limited by a hefty commission.
Unky must feel relieved to finally make it through a week unscathed! Oh wait…

Unky the Duck Gets Zapped!



Unky’s using this extended weekend to get some much needed R&R, away from all things metallic and sharp…

Unky the Duck Finds Some Peace



KFC may have plucked Unky’s feathers last week, but a duck still needs a haircut now and then…

Unky the Duck Gets a Trim


Unky shouldn’t have opened that box last week. Unky shouldn’t be doing lots of things…

Unky the Duck: Finger Duckin' Good!



You know what lifts Unky’s spirits? A large surprise package in the mail! Surely it’s not that pesky landshark, is it?

Unky the Duck Receives A Gift


Unky’s experience with acid rain last week hasn’t affected his love with water at all…

Unky the Duck Goes for A Swim


Unky needed some time to unwind from last weeks ordeal. How about a nice walk in the rain?

Unky the Duck Joins the Revolution


Unky’s allergies got the better of him last week. So this week he’s flying high to get a better view of the Cherry Blossom Festival below.

Unky the Duck Sees the Cherry Blossoms


Unky took a break from playing games this week to celebrate a very important occasion.

Unky the Duck in Birthday Duck


Unky’s feeling a little burnout from all the politics these days. Perhaps a short getaway will help.

Unky the Duck in Unky Shoots the Breeze


Unky returned from his short break down south with a few less limbs, and a lot more “Bern!”

Unky the Duck in Ducky Sanders


After last week’s unfortunate case of duck confit, Unky needed a little R&R down south…

Unky the Duck in Duck of the Irish


Last week’s demise-by-furry-cuteness has propelled our friendly duck to search for other things orange…

Unky the Duck in Political Duck


After last week’s fatal case of radiation poisoning, we decided to send Unky to a place that has NEVER experienced such horrors…JAPAN!

Unky the Duck in Fox Village


Last week’s trip to Endor didn’t fare well for our perpetually doomed Unky. Perhaps this week will see his luck change?

Unky the Duck in Duck: Winning


Last week’s “heart-break” was a bit much for Unky, so this week he took a trip to a galaxy far far away…

Unky the Duck in A Duck Among Ewoks



Unky’s feeling the love this week. And he deserves it! He had to dig himself out of an icy tomb and recover from starvation last week.

Unky the Duck in Valentine Duck



NASA got Unky home from the frozen rigors of Mars only for Unky to realize that things were not quite so different here in DC…

Unky the Duck in DC Driving



This week, Unky takes an expedition to Mars. Surely, there’s no snow sharks there, right?

Unky the Duck in Martian Duck



Inspiration! Unky survived last week’s unfortunate accident in the friendly skies to witness this weekend’s historic snowfall…

Unky the Duck in Winter Wonderland



Introducing Unky the Duck

Unky the Duck Takes Flight

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