Reasons I Should Not Be On A Talk Show

Ape in Heels, 2020

Reasons-Ape In Heels, November 16, 2016


Alt-Right, Delete

Reasons-AltRight, November 30, 2016


New “Reasons” strip for a post-Trump America!


Chosen selections from the web comic, 2005 – 2010

Three Words


Bon Phoney


You Know Me


Xeric Grant Suicide


A New World Record


My Virginity


How to Smuggle a North Korean


My Dark Tower


Conservative Communists


Television Premier


Taco, Cheesy


Stem Cell Omelette


Scout Masters


The Santorum Rape Squad


A Very Pink Christian


The Peter Jackson Redundancy




Saving Lohan's Privates


An Impressive Piece of Crap


Lessons from Natalie Holloway


Hold On...


Hillary's Clit'on


Asian Grapefruit


Godless Vaginal Ragdoll


Getting Close


Father This


Dollar Bills


Doing Good!


Diamond Distributes Death


Democracy of Assholes


Cool Comforts


A Special Collection


Broken Yolks


Spelling Bee Disaster




Anna Nicole...who?

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